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Grades 10 - 12


DELF - International French Diplomas and Exams

Canadian History

Prisoners of Prejudice - Ukrainian Internment 1914 - 1920

Canadian/Military History

Canadians and Conflict
Sargon to Suleiman

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Réfléchissez-Y: Les outils de réflexion


A Little Grammar Goes a Long Way: Jr. and Sr. Editions

HLAT Assessment

Evaluating English Writing

Knowledge and Employability

ELA 10-4: Novel Study Unit
Globalization: Social Studies 10-4

Multicultural / Global Awareness

World on a Maple Leaf

Senior High

Physics 20
Physics 30 Diploma Review
Physics 30 Teacher and Student Resource (Kennedy/Oswald, 2008)

Senior High - French

Physique 20

Textbook Comprehension - JH/SH

Reading the Runes